DaVinci Con – The Original Renaissance Convention – VA area

DaVinci Con – The Original Renaissance Convention – VA area

We are Da Vinci Con – The Original Renaissance Convention. We are a new type of event!  Not just another Renaissance faire, but a trade show and convention which focuses on Renaissance festivals and events, who to participate, and how to improve your faire skills.  There is an indoor Renaissance festival as part of our event, with a joust, three stages and a variety of crafters, as well as classes and panels!
We are located in Lexington, Virginia.  Our event is hosted by the Virginia Horse Center, a 600 acres facility, close to I-64 and I-81, in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley
We have been participating in Ren Fests for over 30 years, as entertainers, crafters, producers and even in food service and games.  But there is no event for our community that gives us the resources we need to learn how to do what we do, so we thought we would start one!
We have been involved with faires since 1982!
Our local fair/home faires were the Florida shows, Back in the 80s/90s, but since then we have traveled and worked at dozens of shows all over the country!
 Our event is designed to teach newcomers and novices the best way to be a great member of our community, and help those who have been around a while to improve their skills.  Panels will range from the basics of life on the road to how to better merchandise a craft shop.
In doing research to find topics that would be great for our panels and discussions, we ran across your old blog.  So happy to see it renewed on Facebook!
Our plan for the first year is to stay small and build a local audience for our event.  Our plan is to grow regionally, and eventually nationally, to bring people from all Over the country to our show.  Since Ren fests are everywhere, and the need exists for this type of event, our goal is to promote at every festival across the country, and bring those festivals and their expertise to our event in years to come.  

www.davinci-con.com On Facebook at DaVinci Con The Original Renaissance Convention https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalRenaissanceConvention/, and on Instagram as DaVinci Con https://www.instagram.com/davincicon/

A/N: I had this blog up on another site through Blogger but I had issues with getting on the site. So, I created this blog to keep things fresh. The Facebook page for us is http://www.facebook.com/renperfmerch . If you or your group, or troupe would like to be featured on this site, please reach out to us on the Facebook page. No pictures were provided.

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