LindasJewelryNMore out of the Bay Area (FL)

LindasJewelryNMore out of the Bay Area (FL)

1. What is it that you do or sell? 

I do handmade jewelry -necklaces, earrings, bracelets. I use semi-precious stones, geode slices, some light wireworking, store/or etsy bought supplies. I am really big into natural themes in my work. When I say natural themes, I mean gardens, flowers, the ocean/beach, the forest, etc. 

I love supporting other artists too for glass components for my work. I also do steampunk/Victorian themes inspired by my participation in the Tampa Bay Steampunk society and Science/Art. 

2. Where are you located?

I live in Temple Terrace but I have done art shows in Tampa and St Petersburg. I have done Art shows with ARTPOOL and was a Designer for the runway show in the 2013 Haute Accessories show in Tampa. 

3. What got you interested in starting out in this business? 

I am very artistic by nature and many of my friends encouraged me to try to sell my art. One of my first shows was part of a convention that my friend put on and she wanted people to see my art. My friends say I have greatly improved with my style and creation of pieces and they adore them. I love creating pieces that are inspired by nature and how my brain translates a scene of a brightly lit garden or a cool beach getaway into a lush set of necklaces and earrings. 

4. When did you start selling or performing?


5. What is your local faire or home faire?

I am a proud patron of the BARF (Bay Area Ren Faire) from before 2012. It is a event I look forward to every year because I love the vendors and the shows and I see friends that I don’t get to see often and I so love taking pictures of all the fellow Rennies costumes. I am a big fan of the chess match, the mermaids, and the new therapy unicorn. 🙂  

6. Do you travel and if so, how far will you go?

Thankfully, it has been at Mosi ( museum of Science and Industry ) for as long as I have gone. One year i was lacking a car and I walked a few miles from my house to get there. 

Where ever it goes, I will be sure to drive to it and see friends and have fun. 

7. What advice do you have to give to others that are just starting out in this business?

Talk to your fellow crafty people and read books on what you are doing. Pick their brain and learn from their mistakes. It will save you a whole lot of frustration. Learn what wire size/bead size you have so to avoid the problem of the wire being too big or your beads too small.  Help others as you have been helped. 

8. How do you handle thefts or copying of your works?

Thankfully I have not had many issues with this although i do worry about it sometimes. 

9. What is your favorite food at faire?

It is definitely the crispy chicken sandwiches/wraps and the chicken pot pie. Of course, cider beer is where it is at. 🙂 

10. What would you say (nicely) to a faire manager or owner?

I am very thankful for the faire but more water and more artisans would be great. The dust and grime is no joke and it gets everywhere! 

11. What is your set up for your booth?

Table, tent, jewelry necks and displays trays of jewelry etc. 

12. Why Renaissance Faires or theme? What is it that made you so interested in this period?

My friend got my hooked. I am a Victorian adventurer/princess/fairy/ranger inside so I get to show it off at faires and art/Steamie events. 

I love the fun of it-I love dressing up, and seeing all the talented cool people out there.  

13. Do you do this all year long or do you just do it once a year?

Just the Barf but I wouldn’t mind visiting other faires if I could. I went to a Pirate festival twice in St. Peterburg and that was a lot of fun. I was a featured artist in Aethertopia last year and was going to be one again this year. 

14. Describe your first experience with us or your best experience (could be worst experience if you want to share that)

I think going through the gate and walking into this colorful world of art and craft and costume is one of my favorite parts. I love the essential oil group woods, willows and whatnots for essential oils. I have much love for King’s Landing/Piper’s Pub Cider too. 

15. How else do you promote your wares ?

I promote it online via Etsy, Facebook, and IG (Instagram). I have  done many art shows and some fashion shows in the past. I would like to be able to do that again in the future along with my online sales. Word of mouth helps sales too.  

16. How did you find out about us?

I followed you from the Bay Area page. 

17. In five years (or less) my goal is to: ___________________

I would hope to be more successful and be able to show even more creative ideas with the world. 

18. At faire, what garb/attire is your usual go to?

I am a Victorian princess/adventurer or I am a awesome version of a Fairy. I make a good Elvan adventurer with my green and brown velvet cape and leather pouches. I made a costume one year and went as a steampunk Merida and that was a lot of fun and a lot of Handsewing and creating. 

19. How many Faires other than those you are vending or performing do you go to?

None at present but I would like to check them out sometime. Get some friends together and go have an adventure. 

20. Plug your website or fan page here (or both) or lindajoysjewelry on IG  (Instagram)

Bonus information: I love to support charitable groups and non-profits and I have done shows to raise money for schools and animals. I have frequently donated jewelry to be raffled off to raise money for women in crisis, for education, or to help the homeless. I am a big fan of Laundry of Love by Current, Metropolitian Ministries, and Joshua House and Learning Gate School. 

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