Her Majesty Glorious – Queen Eleanor of Michiana Renaissance Festival – IN Area

Her Majesty Glorious – Queen Eleanor of Michiana Renaissance Festival – IN Area

1. What is it that you do or sell? – I am Queen Eleanor at the Michiana Renaissance Festival for the last 14 years. I am also (for the past 6 years or so) President of our Non-Profit Entertaining History Inc., which produces the festival.

2. Where are you located? – South Bend, Indiana

3. What got you interested in starting out in this business? – Was approached by a neighbor to join the festival as the Queen. No prior experience.

4. When did you start selling or performing? In general or at renaissance fests? 2010

5. What was your local faire or home faire? The Michiana Renaissance Festival

6. How are you compensating for this strange time we are in now? We try very hard to be a no drama festival – We don’t allow politics, mysticism, fortune-tellers etc at our festival. We try to be as inclusive as possible to all sorts of folks.

7. What advice do you have to give to others that are just starting out in this business? Or how to stay in this business? – Be flexible, be tolerant, be firm when necessary and find your joy!

8. How do you handle thefts or copying of your works? So far it’s been small, but we contact them directly to stop. No one has copied any of my outfits so far, but our logos they have. I work for an attorney office so it gives me a bit of an upside to research them and look for their legal info.

9. Are you doing any online sales or virtual performances? We do online ticket sales, looking to start an online Merchandise shop.

10. Why Renaissance Faires or theme? What is it that made you so interested in this period? I have always loved the era of Queen Elizabeth I. Our festival also has Viking, Pirate, and Grimm Fairy Tales. I love each of the areas!

11. Describe your first experience with us or your best experience (could be worst experience if you want to share that) – It is always magic for me when the kids enjoy the festival and you can see the click when they understand that this is history and it can be fun! My kids come back year after year to see me and I love it! I had one woman at a different event (I was dressed as the Queen so she knew me) who said her daughter (who was going to college) was a princess because I had dubbed her so, therefore she was a princess for life!

12. In five years (or less) my goal is to: have a wildly successful festival! Then hand off the festival and retire to Portugal!!

13. At faire, what was your garb/attire your usual go to? Elizabethan Era

14. What makes your act/wares unique or different? – I research my part, make my own garb, and I am a working Queen. No large entourage for me! I want to up close and personal with my guests!!

15. What makes you stand out? – My extremely wide backside (because of my dresses!!) But seriously, we care about our performers and guests, performers and merchants and try and make them as comfortable and happy as possible.

16. What was your very first experience at a renaissance festival? What education or training if any do you have that led to what you do? – I used to go to renaissance festivals when I lived in California. Always loved the magic of them. I have no formal training.

17. What would you say to a new person looking to try out or vending? – I would say to make your setup as festive as possible – scarves, tent covers, to make things pop. Also, follow the site rules.

18. What is your go to for food at faire? You can name a food vendor or if you are a food vendor, what is your most sold item? Bourbon Chicken – YUM!

19. What’s your idea for the future of faires? – I hope they continue long into the future. In this digital world, it’s nice to connect with people and show them something different and magical!

20. Plug your website or fan page here (or both) – http://www.michianarenfest.com

Thank you your Royal Highness for us letting us feature you on our humble blog. Again, we encourage our readers to do your own due diligence by researching any acts/faires/merchants before you make your decisions.

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